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3/30/2019 09:43:00 PM

Hello everybody. 

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It has been a while since my last post here. I'm not busy, I'm pretending to be busy and have been neglecting this blog for quite some time. My last post was about the end of my 3rd semester. Well, now I'm in my 6th semester a.k.a 3rd year. One more year to finish my degree, InsyaAllah. I pray to God that my friends and I will pass this semester with flying colours and grad on time. Amin amin amin 

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I can't wait for this phase to be over. I'm quite tired, to be honest. Now is the time where my inbox will be bombarded with questions from students be it from SPM or STPM, Matriculations and Foundation. Fret not, I'm not complaining but I don't know why, tapi I am so happy that I can be a lil bit of help to all of you that asked me questions. I really hope that my answers help to untangled the confusion that are playing in your mind. I pray to God that all of you will achieve your dreams okie! 

Some of you did asked me "Kak Fatin, I tak tau nak jadi apa" Honestly, I also don't know. You have to ask YOURSELF first. What is your ambition, what is YOUR dream (note that I emphasis the word 'your') Be true to yourself. It is about yourself, your life in 10-30 years to come. I once did a mistake (sebab nak ikut crush) (hah bodoh la Fatin) hahaha thank God its nothing serious pun ((I chosed the same school as my crush instead of going to a better school - not saying my school is that bad, but I have a better choice at that point of time)) ((If, I went to a different school, maybe I will get a different outcome - eh macam Bandersnatch)) ((Benda kalau cakap tapi babi pun boleh terbang)) 

Anywaysss, update update -- 
I finished my FYP *yeay*, my CGPA is getting better - not that good, but better than previous semesters ; I hope I can score better this semester, pray for me! 

I went for intern at court, it was HELLA FUN. I hope I can be one of the officer there *fingercrossed* 

Currently in Week 6 (damn time flies so fast) and I have an upcoming event in 11 days where I am one of the committee member. Hoping that the event will run smoothly and will be fun for everybody. 

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MY economic state is at the recession state now hahahaha adoi letih ah. I really really wish that this phase will be over ASAP. Make some doa for me so that my family and I dimurahkan rezeki oke. 

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More or less, there have been ups and downs, my emotional, mental and physical health may not be at top notch right now but I know things will get better from time to time. It will be better. 

till we meet again

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