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7/21/2017 08:08:00 PM

//2020, InsyaAllah//

When I was 10, a teacher asked us to look for information regarding the culture of the races in Malaysia – the Malays, Chinese, Indians and others. So, me being me, took the opportunity (to ease my work la obviously) and tried to ask my teacher about her culture , well she’s an Indian, so it is the best to ask from her daripada google kan – anyway, it was the time where the smartphones and Internet is not so familiar among us. To my surprise, she yelled at me. Bapak terkejut sia bila kena cemtu huh. After that ‘surprise bitch ko hengat senang-senang aku nak bagi info’, aku menjadi siapa aku sekarang – takut nak tanya sebab takut kena marah. So, I said sorry and return to my seat. I almost cried that day but I didn’t because I’m a stronk gal.  

            This, ladies and gentleman, is not good for our development. We should never be afraid to ask about something that we don’t know and when a person asked for our help or clarification, it is not right for us to shut ‘em down just because WE think that they are lazy.
Hah, saje je muqadimah narrative sedikit hari ini.

            Hello guys, I’m back for 7+ weeks (I guess) before my second year starts! Yeay, I’ve completed my first year at law school. Alhamdulillah, ¼ is done. I have another 3 more years to go and I’m done!

            This semester is quite… calm… except for the last few weeks before the exam starts. Got into a big fight with a close friend and voila suddenly we are not friends anymore? People come and go but seeing your friend leaving you is another thing and it hurts. Well, I think I might give xx a call , let’s just hope for the best – well at least for xx to answer my call la.

            My final examination starts right after Hari Raya Aidilfitri dem boi nak raya pun tak senang doh. Just imagine having a study week during the raya holidays. Apeni uitm? I can’t say I did very well for my papers bcs I know I didn’t but I gave my best, all-out gitoh. Marilah sama-sama mendoakan supaya Fatin Syaheera berjaya lulus dengan cemerlang dan kalau ada rezeki lebih dapat Anugerah Dekan untuk semester ini. Ameen!

            I didn’t join much activities this semester, unlike my first semester except for the NAMCO 2017 as one of the committee members. It was fun except for the part where I have to send emails and get 0 replies from the lawyers! Y u no read your email!!!!! I’m thankful for some of the lawyers. They are soooooooo niceeeeee rasa cam nak cubit je sebab cepat betul reply email, pantas! I loike!! Also did a lot of funny things this semester. We were forced to go to Bukit Jalil and guess who ran away? Yes, we ran away and went to Masjid Jamek instead. Hahahaha it was funny cuz Nina and I was so afraid of being caught - we never 'fly' before. 

Oh, one day, after Constitutional Law 2 lecture ended earlier than expected, we - Kak Intan, Nina, Shaz and I went to PKNS & SACC Mall to look for Naelofar Hijab. Hah! Habis duit lagi! Thank God it was during Ramadhan so we didnt have to keluar duit makan. 

            I learned a lot of life lessons and one of it is to communicate. If you have problem or dissatisfaction with any of your friend or anyone in general, try to communicate. Maybe it’s time for us to start talking to each other and start listening – jangan cakap je dengar taknak. Oh, another lesson is to listen. I’ve said this before to kakak, “the problem with us is, we never listen and we have the audacity to complain that the other person never tried to communicate” So, for the remaining months of the year, why don’t we try to listen to what they are trying to convey so that we can understand them and have a better communication. A good communication is vital in any relationship be it between parents and children, a romantic relationship and also among friends!

            Lastly, congratulations to our beloved athletes for making the nation proud – Ziyad, Latiff and Cheong Jun Hoong! #MalaysiaBoleh #Negaraku 


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