The End of Semester 1/8

2/03/2017 01:24:00 AM

Assalamualaikum & Hello peeps. I'm back after so long. I've been so busy (entah apa yang aku sibuk pun aku taktau)

My first semester was awesome. I met wonderful people along the journey to the end of the hectic and confusing semester, eh jap tadi kata awesome // am i contradicting myself ? no

I joined a lot of activities organised by the faculty&UiTM. One of it was the Interpart Mooting Competition 2016. Okay, first of all, lemme explain what is mooting all about. Mooting is a simulated court proceeding where student teams are presented with a legal problem which they are required to argue before a 'judge' or panel of 'judges' . For further readings please refer here : .

Basically, in a team of four to five people, there are two 'sides' , the appellant and the respondent (2 for each 'side') and the other one person will be the researcher or the solicitor . We were given a situation ( a case ) in which one side, the appellant will try to reverse the decision made previously while the respondent, obviously don't want that to happen.

We were introduced to what is mooting during the moot workshop organized by the Moot Club of UiTM. At first, I thought it was kind of boring... it is not like debate where you will see parties rebutting each other, the POIs and so on... If the judges are passive as heck, lagi lah boring. But, ever since I step into the auditorium for the workshop, I was mesmerized by the confidence potrayed by our senior mooters, the way they present themselves and also the way they talk... ohsem bakhang

So.. my team consist of Ahmad & Shaz as the appellant and Asyraf & I as the respondent while Nina as the researcher. Our coach a.k.a madre is Dinie (who is an awesome mooter who just won best oralist award in a competition held months prior our competition) Our first task was to make an outline of the event or info which we can extract from the statement of facts of the case.

Our journey to the competition was tiring. We spent countless night without sleep (hiperbola je ni) and our favorite spot was the bilik bacaan at PTAR. Dah la penat fikir pastu penat panjat tangga lagi korang bayangkan je la tangga nak gi PTAR 1 tu ya rabbi punya banyak pastu nak hangkut laptop, buku apesemua lagi !!! *cries in latin*

And then, two weeks before the actual competition, we began the oral practice. It was not easy. Written submission is way much easier . Oral submission is where you being bombarded with questions from the judges which is sometimes out of the box (the judge wanna distract you je) And, something happened at the last minute. Asyraf bail out *cries in korean* So, Nina had to replaced him.
You won't believe me, but I was suffocating, struggling to breath... pagi pertandingan tu. But, Nina had it worst - she puke like... twice ... see how nervous we are (idk about the appellant team, but I remember Ahmad sakit perut kot that morning and Shaz... macam bukan Shaz hahahahha)  but, the submission went well. Alhamdulillah. We went against my classmate's team (V&Aap) during the morning session, and our very own roommate's team for the evening session. In the evening, they announce the team that qualify to the semi final, and guess what, we made it to the semi!!! We won 3 out of 4 'matches' . Our appellant team had to go against a part 3 team after a coin toss. And , yeah, we proceed to final bebeh.

Final was so nerve-wrecking. The judges were so aggressive. #sistakot
Sekali lagi, our appellant team yang kena. So, kiranya aku free rider atas kemenangan dorang ke cane ni ? Nu uh
After an intense battle... mentally kot... keputusan diumumkan oleh the President of Moot Club himself, Mr Iqbal.
We won . Ye, kitorang menang battle yang sangat intense ini!!!!! 4-1 hokay and the appeal was allowed. We also won the best team award lepas kitorang paksa group lain vote for us (k gurau je) and si Ahmad Dizol oso bawak balik 2 awards

Okay, tu interpart. I also joined the mock trial as an adhoc and this might be the first and last time I'd be joining the mocktrial as an adhoc. Yeah, I was assigned into the sponsorship bureau - cari sponsor .... It was very exhausting. I thought my job is over once the event started but nooppeee I was assigned to be the runner during the event. So, konklusinya, I couldnt enjoy my first mock trial ever. Sitting at the backstage, the audio was so shitty, I can't hear things clearly, so whenever the audience laugh i cannot laugh cuz i dont understand . sedih kan hidup seorang runner. The event was a huge success (but still cannot escape from being compared to Jibril lor)

And my last activity was... ALSA Team Building 2016 which was held at Tadom Hill Resort. Ni best. I thought it will be the typical team building event yang ada icebreaking pastu nangis-nangis macam sekolah but NO. We play some games before the lunch and after eating we are free to do our own activities. So, apa lagi terjun tasik ler kita. //I was actually being forced by Arini and Aisyah to enter the water and I stick to em like glue all the time #sorrynotsorry cuz I don't know how to swim and ... yeah, Im... afraid of water? But thanks to them I got to enjoy each and every moment there. #ALSAisOne, did I jump? NO. 

Ohyeah, I also joined Inter-faculty Sport Event (alah sukan antara fakulti macam sukan antara rumah sukan kat sekolah tu) I played Petanque with Ina and Shaz and yeah, we lost . TERUK PULAK TU hahahahahahaha I also joined the perbarisan... *sigh* but heyy i got the tshirt for free (read: sweat and tears) kot, those who didnt joined had to pay 20bucks kot. Worth it gitchew
Dah habis semua aktiviti ni, focus terarah ke final examination la pulak. I spent countless nights, tak tidur kat PTAR 1 with Shaz and Kak Intan. We called ourselves as the Gagak Hitam (kelakar, I know—ada sejarah tau nama ni) Barai af . So our schedule selalunya:

1.    If the PTAR is operating for 24hrs :
8.30/9.00 a.m: We went breakfast – mamak ke, nasi lemak ke.
12.30/after zohor: Lunch – pecel lele ler fav place! Kadang-kadang we skip lunch esp if we ate breakfast that morning
After maghrib: Dinner – which is usually fast food or only at Section 7
4.30/5.00 a.m.: Went back to Seroja, Subuh, and then sleep and repeat the same cycle
2.    If the PTAR does not open for 24hrs:

Same as above, we just add on supper kalau lapar sangat and kadang-kadang we skip lunch/dinner due to time constraint. Usually, we went back early and if we are rajin, we will continue our session at the gazebo. ((ohmyy I miss Seroja))

            Kalau kat gazebo/library, we will take turn to sleep tapi biasanya kapt pukul 12-2 dah pewai. I usually turn into a drunken lady at 3-4 a.m in the morning. Shaz gak perform (kalau kena angin dia mengantuk tu…. Beristighfar je la)

            Seronok belajar kat library. Vibe dia berbeza kalau kita nak bandingkan kat dalam bilik. Study in the library if you have the chance and you will know lah

Okay, this is the last part of this post.

Did I mentioned that I met wonderful people this semester? Yeap. This post is also an appreciation post for those people that bear with me for the whole semester... or half of the semester...

It has been a wonderful semester, gais.
I met a lot of wonderful and beautiful people who light up my dark world (LOL) Among those are Nina, Shaz, Ahmad and Kak Intan

I am so malu to actually thank these people face to face, so this is the appreciation post for 'em (since they dont have blog kan senang la aku nak puji melambung ciked)

I would like to thank these four people for everything. They are the best person ever, and no I wont exchange em for anything (erm segunung emas tu mungkin aku consider gak kot lol)

I met Nina since last semester (housemate aku kot) and this semester we became roommate and well I could say she is one of my best friend in college . Nina is quite clingy and small in size but she has biggest heart. She is so kind and always offer food to me (yeah i love it when people offer me food, for FREE- a cheapskate , I am) and always care for me . She helps me a lot, especially during the mooting competition and also during quizzes and test. Haiyo, payah ah nak list semua kan. But hey girl, thank you! I love you. You da bomb!

Shaz and I met during the MDS. Nina introduced her to me and guess what we became best friend ever since. She is so funny and kind hearted. Although she is the youngest among four of us (Ahmad, Nina and I) sebab dia anak yesus hahahaha, she is the mommy of the group. Tapi, dialah paling melayu antara melayu. Janji Melayu? Inilah orangnya hahahahaha She has the most meme out of four. Her advice are da bomb hokeh jangan memain. One of the people that I can unleash the inner kedahan and baby in me. Tapi dia ni kalau tidoq, nak kejut tu punyalah struggle. Nasib baik Kak Intan and I are so penyabar gitchew hahahaha dah lah suka lagu metal masyaAllah padahal geng PEMBINA tu. Shaz, aku sayang hang, thankyou terima aku seadanya.

Ahmad Dizol is the only 'bunga' in the group. Trust me, even though he is so selekeh, ramai gila kipas-susah-mati dia. popular ya amat. Kami kenal through twitter and oso sebab Nina juga. Three of 'em were classmates during asasi. He's very good at convincing people, so girls, beware okay dengan agas ni. He is the 'buku rujukan' whenever I'm stuck with past yr question ke apa ke . Thanks Mad :') nak teriyak ni

Hm, our first meeting was damn awkward (Kak Intan and I) But I'd like to pat my head because I said 'hm, ni Kak Intan kan?' back then. If not for that awkward question, I'm damn sure we won't be friend by now. Say hello to the person that teman me to study until 3/4 a.m in the morning and stay up late with me at the library since a week before final until the end of it. She is my inspiration to work hard and study, tbvh. Kalau tak, memang last minit la aku study hahahahaha Acah je 'saya tak pandai' ni padahal each and every cases dalam text book tu dia hafal. Thank you for introducing world #1 pecel lele to me (ke sebenarnya I should thank Kapten?) This is the person that deserve the "best sister" award sebab she is simply the best kakak ever. Words can't describe how grateful I am to Kak Intan hah gitchew
I love you kak muahx
Hah nasib baik takde blog/twitter kan kalau tak mesti nangis baca ucapan ni HAHAHAHHA

Believe me, i'd take a bullet for each and every one of you (wow banyaknye bullet bocorlah badan aku)

//last but not least, I would like to thank my roommates , Aina, Su, Kak Piqa (yang selalu kena buli tu) and Iman too . Cayunk korunkssss. These people rocks ma world ; sama-sama takut dengan monyet, eat and laugh together ;'))

//credit to: Nurina, ALSA UiTM for the pics

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  1. woah, congrats upon winning the competition! :D those activities look so interesting!!! harap harap dapat masuk u jugek! :'D
    New Update: Random ft SPM result countdown

    1. Hi Adam!
      Thank you for your kind words :)
      Best of luck !!

  2. Hi!! Im about to enter uitm law school this september, if u dont mind, can u list the subjects that i'll learn for the 1st semester?😁 thank you

    1. Hello. Congrats!!!!
      The subjects are as follow:
      1. Contracts 1
      2. Torts 1
      3. Constitutional Law 1
      4. Malaysian Legal System
      5. CTU
      6. ELC
      7. Third lang
      8. Kesatria


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