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9/13/2016 06:08:00 PM

Hello. Fatin here. Your favorite blogger is back !!!! It has been a while since my last post which is on the verdict of my interviews in 3 biggest law school in Malaysia (UKM, UiTM and UM) in which I was offered a place in UiTM, and also UM (but another course -pengajian Asia Tenggara). 

So, I decided to further my tertiary level of education at Universiti Teknologi Mara which was also my alma mater during my asasi year (2015-2016) ... I'm a law student !! tepuklah !

I was required to lapor diri (register) on 28th of August 2016 (Saturday) at Kolej Mawar, UiTM Shah Alam. As i was used to the room System, Nurina (my housemate back in Dengkil) and I decided to stick together at Mawar - well, basically at uitm. Yeah.. nurina loves me so much , thats why ... (Hi nurina :p) Actually, we are not the permanent resident of Kolej Mawar, but the university decided to put all of us in one place for ... efficiency ... kot .... 

The main objective (hah kau ... objektif kot) of this post is  the MDS or Minggu Destini Siswa or mainly known as Hell week for new students. But thank God it is only for four days, unlike certain universities which have a week of orientation and another week of induction in their respective faculties. We only have one day of induction here ... so yeay !!

What is MDS ? As what I've said before it is the orientation week for new students in UiTM. Why orientation is so important? Can I skip it? Yess , weh you can skip the MDS , but then you'll feel soooo lost when you want to register for courses etc because there is a lot of information delivered during the MDS through taklimat and so on. Students from Diploma UiTM/ Asasi UiTM takpelah kan, because you know the flow already, but students from matriculations, STPM and others, should never skip this programme. 

Well, I think I've promoted MDS enough, but do I like MDS ? Hell no

Why? First of all, there's a lot of waiting and waiting and waiting involved. I think I had never wasted so much time in a day until MDS come along. You may be punctual, but not all of your batchmates are punctual. Bangun lambatlah, terlajak lah... all those lame excuses... name it ... Besides, these irresponsibles people also drags you to the next reason why I don't really like MDS : Angry seniors. Who likes to be scolded for something they didn't do ? So, please... be punctual. Be considerate of others.

I celebrated the National Day (31st August) at DATC. It was wonderful... until we went back to kolej Mawar. I realize a pattern during MDS in which whenever we had fun at the DATC-during the day, that night would be the worst night ever in your life. What happened? They went crazy. After all it is partially our fault too. Some of us took so long just to settle down at the DATC, of course lah they will be fucking mad as they only got around 10-15 mins before the programme start. Hah masa ni lah they decided to ungkit kesilapan kau dari tujuh keturunan yang lalu. Bangun lambat etc. Lek sistur... dengar je. Let it be, it will be over, eventually. 

On the last day, there are a few students required to move to their permanent colleges ie MBBS & Dental to Sg Buloh, Law (me) and some other courses to Kolej Seroja etc. Weh dapat Kolej Seroja. At first we were so shocked. Yelah, we were informed that we will move to Kolej Melati... tapi .... masa tu semua dah 'alaaaaaaa' 'Seroja banyak monyet!! apeni!!' 'Seroja buruk ! Bilik enam orang' etc ye weh bilik berenam, just imagine 6 girls in a room... yang tak berapa besar. Maka dengan keterpaksarelaan, we packed our things that night (barang aku dah la banyak shit) and pindah the next morning. Seroja is quite far from Mawar and almost everything especially DC!! , but it is nearer to the big gate. Turns out the rooms are pretty decent and hello gurls , bilik ber-tiles hokayyy ,ko hengat nan hado je ke; kat mawar/melati simen jerrr... and there's a lot of trees which means there's a lot of monkeys , too. Tapi, as usual; it is fking hot. Besides some of the toilets are not working (the flush) . Tapi overall, it's good. We share the college with PALAPES officers. And we are the only civilians there. Har har har

Then, we went to the Majlis Perasmian MDS by the VC @ DATC. MY LAST MDS AS A MB JYEAHHHHHH!!!! And , MDS is over, FINALLY !

//I've been getting a lot of questions regarding the Asasi Undang-undang UiTM. I want to clarify that the requirements (syarat2) might change from time to time , so please stay updated with the latest information by straightly go to the university's website. Whatever information I have might be irrelevant for your batch.. but fret not , I'll still respond to your questions. 

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  2. all the best akak inshallah bakal lawyer :)

  3. hai akak.. nak tanya utk diploma undang2 ada kat uni mana ye? and im batch 99 so this years sy spm.. so apa yg sy kene score utk couse nie ye? berapa A kene dpt? sya budak acc but minat gila2 kt couse ni.. boleh ke? boleh balas kt cbox sye x? nie blog sy

  4. I live tour blog, senpai! Very informative☺️

  5. Hello Fatin. Congrats cz dapat masuk Law School UiTM! So I nak tanya ni, since you dah sambung, tau tak information about biasiswa/loan yang kita boleh mohon?

    1. Hello. Sorry for the late reply. Im quite busy lately.
      Loan: PTPTN , Yayasan Bank Rakyat (ni convertible loan-kalau score boleh tukar ke biasiswa. pembayaran balik depends on your final CGPA discount up to 75% if im not mistaken) etc (banyak je loan that you can apply actually)
      -Yayasan negeri masing-masing
      -setahu saya, tawaran untuk biasiswa hanya akan dibuka pada awal tahun je. maksudnya, dah habis satu sem baru boleh mohon scholarship sebab most of the sponsors nak tengok prestasi dulu.

    2. Alright. Thank you so much Fatin.

  6. assalamualaikum.. nnti kan masa start kelas dlm satu bilik tu semua org sama umur ke or campur ??

  7. Asslmualaikm...Nak tahu madam mana hostel kolej mawar ni? Is it comfortable to stay? How bout the meals? Kemudahan hostel tu apa jgak eh? I like to know more~ 😊

    1. Waalaikumussalam. Sorry, saya tak tahu nama pengetua kolej mawar. Saya tahu seroja saja huhu. Keselesaan tu bergantung pada masing2. For me it is okay. No private toilet/bathroom like Dengkil. Shared toilet- just like boarding schools. Meals? No meals provided/no DM. You gotta buy your own meals at DC (in front of Mawar). Makanan situ ada yang best ada yang biasa biasa je .
      Kemudahan- wifi & hotspot available. Near bus stop (bus stop mawar is the hub utk satu kampus shah alam) dekat dengan pusat kesihatan . . Mawar/Melati best sebab paling dekat dengan semua benda which includes kfc/mcD seksyen 7.


Terima kasih !

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