Photoshop Tuto | White border on your pics

7/13/2013 03:34:00 PM

Example :

Hai everybody . It's 4th Ramadan already . How are you ? Fine ? Alhamdulillah . So , today , we're gonna learn another photoshop trick/tips . TBH , I'm pretty sure that many of us had already knew this tuts but , I still want to teach y'all about this .

Okay , let's go !

First of all , open your photoshop and then open the image that you want to edit .

Then ;

After that , right click and select "Select Inverse"

your picture will be like this

Then , click 'layer' > 'new fill layer' > 'solid color'

Click 'OK'

Please be sure that you have chosen white color .

After you have chosen the white color , go to the 'color fill 1' layer *it is on the top of 'background' layer* , change the mode to soft light.

And your picture will be like this... Tada !

I hope you understand my explanation .
If you have inquiries , just ask me .

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Terima kasih !

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