Photoshop Tuto | How to make an icon ~ with some freebie

7/29/2013 05:47:00 PM

Salam Ramadhan ke-20 everybody . Tinggal 10 hari je lagi kan ? Hm....

First of all open ur photoshop and press ctrl + o to open a picture of your bias .

After that , click on the 'crop' button ; please follow the picture below .

Done ? Now , you may crop the picture of your bias . //see below

Taraa ! Your bias picture should be like this :

To beautify the icon , you may add some PSD action / PS action / adjusting the brightness/level [ctrl+m]

How ?

Here are some freebies :

these pictures[icon] are made randomly . I just pick some pictures in my folders . 
Oh , I've also made some icons freebies . You may view it here :


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Terima kasih !

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